About me:

I'm a freelance illustrator publishing under nickname EllirhShaan, or simply Shaan.
I don't have any art-specialized education, but I've been drawing all my life, as long as I can remember. I think that's the main reason of my progress in art.


In 2005 I've faced with fantasy genre for the fist time, and it captured my heart forever. Fantasy books, films, historic reconstructions, roleplay and computer games come through all my life and made a visible imprint on my creative activity. Now I can truly say that I can't live without fairytales in my mind. Fantasy became the biggest part of my life, my inspiration and my art. 

B.day July 17

About my comic:

The wish to create something original was planted on a rich soil of my fantasy passions. So has The Fading World appeared. It happened in 2006 and became a really huge story since that time.

Action of my comic takes place in Nar'rah's, an ancient world inhabited by different races, monsters, magical creatures and everything else.  It will take me much time to tell everything about the world, stories and characters living there. So, prepare for a long and, I hope, interesting story.

Webcomic created: January 13, 2015