Main characters and their appearance in chapters.
Chapter I. Living and Dead
Niásse [ni'a:ssə]
Aliásse  [ʌli'a:sse]
Neánteásse  [næʌn'tɛəsse]
Amarándol [ʌmʌ'ra:ndɔl​]
Shaás  [ ʃa'a:s]  or The Unnameable One 
Káhara  [ 'ka:hʌrʌ]
Hanahiásse  [hʌnʌ'hia:sse] and Henhiréth [henhi'ret]

                          Amarasse's parents

Race: (Alive) Ar'the,                           Race: (Dead) Ar'the

Full name Kalle-Niraae Hanahiasse .

                                  Full name Kalle-Niraae Henhireth. 

Age: ~5000 winters                       Age: ~4000 winters

Height: 5'5'' (1.65 m)                     Height: 6'5'' (1.95m)

Alignment: LN                                Alignment: NN


Main characters of FW:Foreword,

Chapter I:Unfamilliar fate.


A powerful priestess that managed to draw and use magic from waters of The Lake of Tears. Lived the longest of all Seers and greatly contributed to research and translation of elthear books found in ancient ruins.
Understanding possible risk to her health, she decided to give birth to a child during the last decade of her life. Upon seeing the child being born Dead, Hana tried to bring him to Life with use of magic, power of The Unnameable One and her own knowledge and determination. As she had failed dramatically, her mind was consumed by flames of madness that drew her Seer predecessors insane. Filled by despair, apathy and madness, she left The Southern Realm and was never heard of anymore.



Commander of The Southern Realm's frontier keeps.
Originally a heir of House Niraae' Southern branch, he renounced his birthrights and privileges due to unwillingness to kill or leave his Dead son to the Wardens in obedience to House Kalle's laws. Instead, together with his mistress, Seer Hanahiasse, Henhireth attemted to raise his son as one of the Alive. His intentions did not bear fruit, so he had to leave distraught priestess' body in the care of The Unnameable One. Then he forever left The Southern Realm along with his son.