Here are prices of my commercial art.

Most of them can be evaluated yourself with the help of this shedule. 

If you have some extra and not described here ideas - please contact with me using "contact" page.

I've got two features of art that should be mentioned in your commission description. 

First - Type of art, second - style of art.

Commissions progress:


  • Andrea - approved, 30% done

  • Astaroth - approved, 20% done


Means that I'm waiting for your answer\commission description; you asked me for a delay; you're ready to wait to the next date of opening comms.

  • Andea C. - slots reserved (mail)

  • troubadour - (delayed)

  • Usaka - reserved for january (old price, tw)

November slots:

  • TheNamesCypher (tw)

  • Yendii (mail)

  • ShiningFrost (mail)

  • Aaries (tw)

  • Samuel (mail)

  • Calminsane (da)

  • Torekdva (da)

All prices can be set in euro (it's ~ -10%) from USD amount, tell me if you need it.
Type 1         Portrait       100$

Colored portrait with shoulders.

Simple background included.



Extra character                          +70$

Detailed background                 +30$


Type 2        Half body        150$

Colored half-body portrait.

Simple background included.


Extra character                          +100$

Detailed background                   +70$


Type 3        Full body      250$

Colored full body art.

Simple background included.



Extra character                          +200$

Detailed background                 +150$


Discount variations (for all types of paintings):

Available only for semi-realism style, examples are below this page.

Reference page:

Character reference. Can be done in both realistic and lineart styles 


Prices for different parts:

Fullbody                                                 200$

Halfbody                                                120$

Portrait                                                     80$

Separate stuff like weapon, groceries, etc. - free.

Special design for the whole sheet      80$

(eg. text, info blocks, color examples, etc) 



The difference between this type and regular commission is in simple lighting and straight\simple pose that character will have.




Comic page:   (more examples are at the main page)
Classic A4                      200$ per page   

Full colored.

Up to 8 panels.

Detailed backgrounds not included.

A4 cover art for free (if there are 10+ pages)

Bleeds and safe zones for printing included.

Can be done in CMYK.

Any lettering and speech bubbles are not included.

Realistic (without lineart) style          + 100$

Spread/double-page                           +130$

Detailed architecture

or other background panels (1-3)      + 100$

Simplified backgrounds                        -30$

Monochrome art (not screentones!)    -30$


Lineart without backgrounds and any color filling: 60$ per page.


Important in case of commercial use! You must make a legal contract. Prices may be changed also.  

My current speed of drawing such pages: 2-4 days.


First of all I'm a fantasy artist. It means that I'm rather good at drawing any fantasy creatures, landscapes, magic. etc. Also I have some wide knowledge in medieval weapon, armour, life, architecture, traditions and cultures. Mostly European and Slavonic.

That's why be ready that I'll be slower and less savvy if you'll ask  me to draw sci-fi- or modern-themed comic. Also I'll need tons of pictures, photos and other references from you. 

Webcomic                     400$ per page   

Full colored.

Max 2k pixels width.

Up to 15 panels.

Detailed backgrounds not included.

Cover art for free (if there are 10+ pages)

Any lettering and speech bubbles are not included.

Realistic (without lineart) style           + 50$

Detailed background panels (5-8)      + 80$

Simplified backgrounds                        -30$

Monochrome art (not screentones!)    -30$


Lineart without backgrounds and any color filling: 80$ per page.

My current speed of drawing such pages: 2-4 days.

Other info:
Style 1             Semi-realism

No lineart.

Style 2            Lineart

Black lineart of characters and sometimes background. Close to my comic style.


Recomendations for regular commissions: 

  1. Slot in a waiting list can be taken or cancelled at any time. Slot in progress list can be cancelled only before getting a sketch from me (for new clients) and even after getting a sketch (for regular clients).

    Please think twice before making a request, art piece is not an urgent thing if you're in a lack of money. :)
    I understand and ready to set you back to the waiting list at any time.


  2. All prices are set for full-colored and highly detailed pictures.

  3. Monochrome pictures get -15% from price.

  4. Sketch pictures get -15% from price (can be merged with previous).

  5. .PSD files can be attached by request.

  6. All commissions are NOT allowed for commercial use without a legal contract.

  7. Customers can ask to show the stages of work or to make it on the livestream.

  8. 1-3 minor changes are free after the finishing of art. Others should be paid.

  9. I can draw erotics (single character) and soft nsfw (2 or more interacting characters), even if there are none of it in my portfolio, just ask me. Price will be raised as +30% for first and 50% for second.

How to make an order?


  1. Create short description, don't forget to mention type and style of my commissions.

  2. Mention if my commissions are opened.

  3. Send me an e-mail with title "Commission" or "Commission slot", don't forget to add your description there. Use "Contact page" or links to other sites below each page.

  4. After my approving send me all usable information about your commission (photos, arts, references, text, etc.)

  5. Wait for my sketches and approve them or tell me to do some changes.

  6. Pay me.

  7. Wait for completed art. I'll tell you exact duration.

  8. Get my artwork in full size and .psd file (if you need it)

  9. You're perfect!

Payment method :


(or bank card by paypal invoice)

(All prices are already include paypal fees)


Full pre-payment only.

Partial payment allowed.

No refunds.


  • Those who already got one commission from me will have 5% discount for future arts.  


  • Patrons can get their discount due to amount of pledge 10\30% after three months of support. 

Customers' feedback:
Examples of my commercial artwork with prices.

Prices are actual during the signed year.

Hey, pssst! This is a secret message for those brave and patient heroes who reached this bottom.

My patreon has two secret tiers that are providing b\w and colored sketch commissions much cheaper than in the price list. 

And remember, I haven't told you anything.